Mini Dental Implant Dentures - Dr. Joe StuckyDentures are appliances which can be removed from time to time. They are used to replace the missing teeth and help in restoring the smile. One may lose their natural teeth due to tooth decay, gum disease or an injury. This may result in difficulty in chewing and biting the food. Dentures help to replace the missing tooth to a large extent. Our dental practice based in Montrose in state of Colorado provides one of the best dentures to the community in this town..

When one loses their natural teeth, the muscles located in the face tend to sag making you look older and uglier. This may also put a person in an embarrassing stage. This can be overcome by help of dentures. Dentures not just help in lifting ones appearance and profile, but also at the same time makes eating and biting the food more easily and comfortably. Besides dentures also lead to good clarity of speech.

Since dentures almost look like your natural teeth your facial appearance will not make much of a difference. Dentures also improve the look of your smile to a huge extent. Dentures also boosts up ones confidence level.

When you are been fitted with a new denture it may take some time for the denture to get used to the bone and the tissue. Initially you may face some uneasiness while wearing the dentures because you are not accustomed to it. But this is only a temporary phenomena. In a few weeks time you should be comfortable with the dentures. It is equally important that one should visit a dentist periodically to make minor modifications until your denture fits comfortably.

Care for dentures:

One should take proper care of the dentures in order to retain it for many years. Following simple steps make your denture last long for several years. As dentures are artificial tooth, plaque may build up on your denture as food stuff can get trapped between the denture and your gum tissue. Remember to clean and brush your denture after every meal in order to prevent formation of plaque on the dentures. Do make it a point to clean and brush your denture with a tooth brush. This will prevent the dentures from staining. It is advisable to remove the dentures at night. This will reduce wear and tear and cause less irritation to the gums and the tissues. Dentures which are not fitting properly should be replaced immediately.

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Mini Dental Implants can be used to stabilize the denture. Four to six mini implants can be placed in about an hour to stabilize the denture. Mini Implants are half the cost of traditional conventional implants. Mini Implants take half the healing time as traditional implants and cost about half as much.