Family Dentistry


Dental Care for the Entire Family

Montrose Family Dentist - Joe Stucky, DDSThe concept of family dentistry is witnessing a key role in present times. Family dentistry offers services related to the general maintenance of oral hygiene and care. Our dental practice located at Montrose caters to the entire family with respect to the treatments.

Every individual in a family need to have a family dentist who can take care of their oral health and hygiene. Some dentist restrict their dental practice to certain age group. For example, a pediatrician may offer their services only to children and infants. Family dentistry typically includes every member in the family. It includes kids, teens and adults. It is the responsibility and duty of a family dentist to take care of patients visiting them during times of dental crisis. A family dentist ensures that there is no cavity or plaque built up around the teeth. Family dentist also try to keep tooth decay to a minimum and gums remain healthy.

In present times due to hectic life schedules, it is difficult to approach a dentist for individual needs. Hence it makes more sense to consult a family dentist who can cater to all members in a family. A family dentist treats kids, children, teens and adults under one roof. Thus one will save time and energy running around from place to place to seek dental treatments for different members of a family.

Family dentist is considered to be the first stage of defense against dental abnormalities. It is highly recommended that you should visit your family dentist every six months to have a trouble free teeth and gums. Every member in a family may face with some kind of dental maladies like tooth decay, tooth ache, bleeding gums, gum problems, discolored teeth, misaligned teeth and crooked teeth. In such situations, a family dentist will come handy and initiate correct remedies and treatments.

Family dentistry includes specialists like orthodontist for teeth straightening, endodontist for root canal treatments, prosthodontist for complex crowns and dental implants and pediatrician to look after the teeth of the young ones.

Family Dentistry at Montrose/ Colorado:

Our dental practice based at Montrose offer dental treatments to the entire family. Our dentist are specialized in their respective fields. We provide services and treatments to children, teens and adults. We have orthodontist, endodontist, prosthodontist, periodontist and pediatricians to cater to your dental requirements. You can visit us with your whole family since everything is under one roof. Call us at 970-497-2274 to make an appointment with our dentist available at our practice.