Dental Implants


Mini Dental Implants - Montrose - Dr. Joe StuckyAfter you get your missing teeth replaced by dentures, it does not comfort you immediately. Instead, you will have to pass through the adjustment period initially for the first few days before getting used to wearing dentures.

You have to be prepared to cope up with some of the disadvantages of denture at first. It takes time and practice to pronounce some of the sounds perfectly. It also takes time for you to learn to eat with denture. You have to be careful in using dentures as they are delicate and breakable. Care has to be taken while inserting it into the mouth and popping it out to prevent from breakage. You will feel uncomfortable in the mouth in the beginning and experience soreness, and occasionally, dentures can slip out of position in your mouth. So, biting and swallowing has to be soft and gentle. With so many disadvantages, people living in Montrose, Colorado, were looking for a “fit and forget” restoration. Thanks to the fixed mini implant that exactly says “fit and forget”. Needless to say, you continue your daily oral hygiene.

Conventional vs. Mini Dental Implant - Montrose, COMini implant was introduced in the beginning of the twenty first century. It is a better alternative to the standard removable dentures because of its fit and longevity. Much smaller dental implants were introduced as Temporary Skeletal Anchorage Devices(TSAD) with substantial differences and benefits over conventional implants. However, the application of mini Implants is limited to stabilize dentures and prevent bone loss where as conventional dental implant can be used to restore a single tooth, multiple teeth and even the entire teeth in a dental arch.

Treatment with mini implant is performed in less than two hours and thus maximizing your time so you can think about concentrating on other important stuff. Essentially, the whole process takes place in a single visit. The best part about mini implants is that dentures can be worn immediately. Also, mini implants are less expensive than conventional implants.

So, if you are aspiring for a mini implant, and you live in Montrose, Colorado, then think of no dental clinic other than The Soft Touch.